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Written by Top Pigeons - 10/21/2020

Total sale 


† March 25th, 2020


Harrie Konings from Weert unfortunately passed away in March 2020 after a relatively short illness. Harrie still lived in the “parental home” with his mother, who died about a year and a half ago. Harrie went through life quite sociably as a “bachelor” and was able to put all his passion and drive into and with his pigeons.


Harrie had made the choice many years ago to only breed and not to participate in the competitions anymore. He thought breeding pigeons from super pigeons was the best thing. Over the years he has invested a lot in his pigeons in order to have access to the very best material that was available when it came to marathon pigeons.


In his breeding loft only the best was good enough and that Harrie had a "weakness" for the top pigeons from Ko van Dommelen is clearly visible in this sale. There are direct descendants for sale from many of Ko's absolute top pigeons.


But Harrie had his sights on sharp when it came to pigeons from special origins. He also invested in the best material that resides in the lofts of Jelle Jellema. A direct son of Zwart Goud x daughter Snelle Jelle is an example of this. In this sale several Jellema toppers and provided with a DNA certificate.


Harrie also had a special bond with Chris Beckers and Chris's fantastic pigeons. That is why there were direct descendants from many toppers of Chris Beckers in the breeding loft at Harrie. In this sale you can look forward to the offer of direct pigeons from Chris Beckers from Lelystad. The quality radiates and they are all more than worth it to give a chance in everyone's marathon breeding loft.


In this total sale you have the opportunity to find exactly that pigeon to your wishes. Because in addition to the aforementioned top fanciers, you will see in this auction 1 or more pigeons from, among others: Mast Scheper Pigeons, Herry Peters, Jan Grootoonk, Piet de Vogel, Comb. Vromans, Gebr. Frenken, AP Overwater, Gerard Schalkwijk, Comb. Vieberink, Benno Kastelein, First Prize Pigeons, Jan Weis, Sjaak v.d. Velde & Zn., Jan Willems, Martin de Poorter and so on.


Harrie has explicitly asked his sisters and brothers-in-law to contact Piet de Vogel of Top Pigeons. Harrie had known Piet for many years and he wanted his pigeons to be sold through Top Pigeons. After the death of Harrie, his sisters Harjet and Truus, together with their husbands Dick and Henri, did this.


André van Boxtel visited the family in Weert several times from Top Pigeons and they were very emotional but also beautiful and worthy. Top Pigeons has taken away as many worries as possible from the sisters and brothers-in-law regarding the pigeons. And now the time has come for the entire colony to be auctioned on Top Pigeons.


Once again we would like to draw extra attention to all marathon friends of Top Pigeons all over the world for this fantastic sale. The reason is sad, but at the explicit request of Harrie and his family, the pigeons are now being sold. And in this way Harrie's life's work can be continued, and perhaps in many different countries.


Team Top Pigeons would like to thank you for your attention and wish you success in this auction. You may succeed in getting a topper from Harrie Konings in your loft.


Thanks and greetings on behalf of the sisters and brothers-in-law of Harrie Konings


Harjet and Dick

Truus and Henri

For fanciers from Top-fanciers!
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