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Written by Top Pigeons - 10/12/2020

Jules Verne within

the pigeon sport  

If you count more birds of prey than carrier pigeons around your loft at the end of the season, then you start keeping pigeons in a different way. This became his new starting point. Keeping racing pigeons became an "indoor" hobby instead of an "outdoor" event. His hobby revolved around collecting pigeons based on pedigree and the care and rearing of youngsters. Nothing is more beautiful than development, the growth from a young pigeon to an adult bird. My father would have described himself as a collector of good pigeons. I prefer to describe my father as a passionate pigeon keeper who saw a new fairy tale come out of the egg time and again, a racing pigeon with dreamed potential. Every young pigeon, every grown pigeon became a story in itself. By withdrawing the pigeons from the reality of the flights, the dream remained intact, "there have been many potential winners from Barcelona in his lofts". Little by little, and from 2016 onwards youngsters came to my loft in Breda on a structural basis. There, a number of pigeons from my father were tried, together with the youngsters from my breeding loft. From 2017, serious prizes will also be achieved and performance is on the rise. Fortunately, my father was able to experience that dreamed quality was not taken out of thin air. On the other hand, this happiness was short-lived. In 2018 he died too young. Now two years after his death, the pigeons are still in his loft, but the house (my parental home) has been sold and it is about time to say goodbye to all the breeders.

This year, 2020, a "C.A.J.van den Boom competition" was held among acquaintances and pigeon friends. Eight fanciers each received 12 youngsters from my father's breeding loft in 2019. The price percentage, based on the total number of youngsters received (100%) is almost 30%. This may sound low, but try it your self and breed a number of youngsters (100%) of which 30 percent wins a prize, as yearlings, on a marathon flight. That is not an easy job.


a well-kept secret

The pigeons purchased over the years have never been second place. The search for "good breeding pigeons" has resulted in a basic quality. By not playing with the pigeons, the quality has become invisible. Like a well-preserved treasure, it was hidden in Egyptian tombs, as it were. My father put together couples, fantastic but also directly futuristic, in the breeding loft, like a sciencefiction script… with predictive value for him. But there was no question of whether his breeders could really award flying pigeons. The first real test was in the above competition and by the boy who had gone to Breda. That his compass was not in the wrong direction during the construction of his breeding loft shows, among other things, my result at Barcelona 2020. Therefore it is not necessary to make a trip around the world, nor to invent the wheel, but it is sometimes better to adopt it properly than to invent or think of something yourself. After all, that is basically what was done in my father's breeding loft or in my loft ...



‘Big names'

Substantial investments have been made over the years:

Jelle Jellema, direct: daughter Zwart Goud; son Hilton (twice grandson Fondkoppel), grandson Orion, daughter Hellas, etc. all blood related.

Coen van Haarlem, direct: Children from the super breeder -337

Walter van der Meulen, direct: a daughter of the 10th Barcelona x 9th national Barca. ZLU

Jan Grootoonk: a son and a daughter of Marnix or the Blue Lynx etc.

Frank Zwiers, direct: son Kian x Ranomi or a daughter Frankenstein x Golden Future…. or the daughter Golden Future x Zwart Goud Jelle jellema or daughter from Sphinx x Double nattional 3 etc.

Rex de Leeuw: half-sisters 1st National Perpignan and daughter 2nd national Perpignan


My father kept 'long distance pigeons' as a hobby and after 1992 he never raced with pigeons again. In 2018, a number of pigeons were bred to facilitate a ‘C.A.J.van den Boom competition’, created among friends and acquaintances on the flights Agen ZLU, Bordeaux and/ or Narbonnen ZLU, Bergerac.

In this sale all the cocks from the breeding loft are sold as well as all breeding hens from 2013, this due to unfertility.

A number of pigeons are of age, but given the past year/ years it is absolutely no old fame. Think of the performances of Jelle Jellema or those of Frank Zwiers, Walter van der Meulen last year, etc. With the breeders I now have in my breeding loft, until the sale, a good foundation has been laid for the future, as evidenced by the results from the Barcelona flight. The current breeders are being replaced by proven racers. And these racing pigeons get the label “breeder”. This means that "the first generation of racers" will inhabit the breeding loft.


Where can you find a daughter of Zwart Goud X Golden Future?

Where do you meet a son from Laika Queen? (so true Blokje Kouters x Queen Tonny)

Where do you come across a sale where no pigeons are kept, even if it has just been discovered that they are "proven" breeders? (* with as proof 10 NPO but also price 700 NPO or ZLU)

Where do you find a child from son Hellas x daughter Hellas or a son from Hilton or grandson Orion?
Where to find it….?   Look no further, they are all included in this sale.




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