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Written by Top Pigeons - 10/12/2020

“The ends justify the means”

I am proud to sell my own breedings as well as the breeding pigeons of my father, C.A.J. van den Boom, who died in 2018. Substantial investments have been made over the years and as a result, an unsurpassed loft of breeders is built. Sometimes there is a wish to purchase even more pigeons, but there are limits to the means.

Where can you find a daughter of Zwart Goud X Golden Future?

Where do you meet a son from Laika Queen? (so true Blokje Kouters x Queen Tonny)

Where do you come across a sale where no pigeons are kept, even if it has just been discovered that they are "proven" breeders? (* with as proof 10 NPO but also price 700 NPO or ZLU)

Where do you find a child from son Hellas x daughter Hellas or a son from Hilton or grandson Orion?
Where to find it….?   Look no further, they are all included in this sale.

Jelle Jellema, direct: daughter Zwart Goud; son Hilton (twice grandson Fondkoppel), grandson Orion, daughter Hellas, etc. all blood related.

Coen van Haarlem, direct: Children from the super breeder -337

Walter van der Meulen, direct: a daughter of the 10th Barcelona x 9th national Barca. ZLU

Jan Grootoonk: a son and a daughter of Marnix or the Blue Lynx etc.

Frank Zwiers, direct: son Kian x Ranomi or a daughter Frankenstein x Golden Future…. or the daughter Golden Future x Zwart Goud Jelle jellema or daughter from Sphinx x Double nattional 3 etc.

Rex de Leeuw: half-sisters 1st National Perpignan and daughter 2nd national Perpignan

A number of pigeons are of age, but given the past year / years it is absolutely no old fame. Think of the performances of Jelle Jellema or those of Frank Zwiers, Walter van der Meulen last year, etc. With the breeders I now have in my breeding loft, until the sale, a good foundation has been laid for the future, as evidenced by the results from the Barcelona flight. The current breeders are being replaced by proven racers. And these racing pigeons get the label “breeder”. This means that "the first generation of racers" will inhabit the breeding loft.

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